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2023 National Physician Advisor Conference


Earn up to 29.0 CME credit hours from NPAC 2023.

All sessions will be recorded and made available for streaming through the Whova conference App up to 6 months following the conference for all conference attendees (Virtual and In-Person).

Earn 16.0 live CME credit hours from your real-time conference attendance, April 17-19th. Plus, earn up to an additional 13.0 enduring CME credit hours through the post-conference streaming.

The NPAC 2023 agenda is packed with " must see" presentations. You won't have to worry about missing any of the presentations as all presentations will be available for viewing up to 6 months post-conference.

Monday, April 17

7:30AM | Breakfast / Networking / Exhibit Hall Visits

8:30AM | Welcome

8:40AM | Beyond Denials: Seeing the Bigger Picture with Medicare Advantage Organizations

Dr. Jerilyn Morrissey

9:35AM | Making Medical Decision-Making Work for Us

Dr. Erica Remer

10:30AM | Break / Exhibit Hall Visits

11:00AM | Medicare Hospital Payment for Short Stay Inpatient vs. Outpatient Hospitalization

Dr. Charles Locke and Dr. Andrew Hughes

12:00PM | Systems Based Practice Elective

Dr. Ahmed Abuabdou

12:30PM | Lunch / Exhibit Hall Visits

Pediatrics Track

1:30PM | Bridging Two Worlds: Applying Quality Improvement Methodology to Physician Advisor Objectives

Dr. Sang Hee Kim, Dr. Denise Goodman, Dr. Kiran Kulkarni, Dr. Nawal Momani, Dr. Victoria Rodriguez

2:30PM | Physician Advising in Pediatrics, Medically Necessary for CMOs

Dr. Alyssa Riley and Dr. Meena Iyer

3:00PM | Self Pay Neonate in the ICU: This is No Joke!

Dr. Sumana Narasimhan

Evolving Roles Track

1:30PM | Physician Advisors Role in Preventing Readmissions in Complex Patient Populations

Dr. Kathryn Kasicky and Dr. Karen Clark

2:30PM | The Physician Advisor's Role in Supporting Medical Necessity for Post-Acute Care

Dr. Benjamin Kartchner

3:00PM | Management of Behavioral Health Patients: Increase Value of Care and Prevent Denials

Dr. Erin Boyd

Regulatory Track

1:30PM | Transitioning Observation to Admission Care, Managing Length of Stay Hours, Discharge Decisions

Dr. Robert Leviton

2:30PM | The Importance of Visit Class Concordance: Optimizing Surgical Compliance and Revenue Capture

Dr. Emily Boss

3:00PM | Innovation & Observation: Improved Outcomes, Decreased Readmissions, Increased Capacity/Throughput, Financial Viability

Dr. Sharon Mace

3:30PM | Break / Exhibit Hall Visits

4:00PM | Commonly Denied Pediatric Peer to Peers: How We Get to Yes!

Dr. Lucinda Lo and Dr. Sara Hasan

4:00PM | Outlier Hospitalizations: A Medical Necessity and Capacity Conundrum

Dr. Andrew Hughes and Dr. Charles Locke

4:00PM | Fight Like A Lawyer, Part 2: Appeal Letters

Dr. Barbara Abrams

4:30PM | Engaging Learners in Physician Advisor Activities

Dr. Katharine Clouser and Dr. Jennifer Goodrich

4:30PM | Implementation of Utilization Management Reviews in the Emergency Department

Dr. Anuja Mohla and Ms. Kristen Ann McKee

4:30PM | Moving Beyond Medical Necessity. Developing a Clinical-Legal Partnership to Manage Complex Denials

Ms. Denise Wilson and Mr. Bill Haynes

6:30PM | Dine with Docs (Separate Optional Registration - Opens in March)

Tuesday, April 18

7:30AM | Breakfast / Networking / Exhibit Hall Visits

8:30AM | Welcome and ACPA President's Address

Dr. Juliet Ugarte Hopkins

8:40AM | ACPA Award Presentation

Dr. Charles Locke

8:50AM | Leadership Lessons from TOPGUN: How to be an Effective Maverick of Change

Mr. David Robinson

9:45AM | Dismissals: A New Path to MA Accountability

Dr. Edward Hu

10:30AM | Break / Exhibit Hall Visits

11:00AM | 2023 Regulatory Update

Dr. Ronald Hirsch

12:00PM | Flying Outside the Court of the Payor's Opinion

Ms. Denise Wilson

12:30PM | Lunch / New Member Committee Interest Groups and Regional Networking / Exhibit Hall Visits

CDI Track

1:30PM | Promoting Clinical Documentation Excellence Amongst Medical Trainees

Dr. Joseph Cristiano

2:30PM | Getting Some Skin in the Game: A High-Impact CDI Gem (Skin Failure)

Dr. Kristen Berlin

3:00PM | Where's the MEAT? Physician Advisors and a Comprehensive Ambulatory CDI Program

Dr. Purvi Shah

Professional Leadership Track

1:30PM | Evolution of the Physician Advisor as a Leader and Valued Thought Partner

Dr. Minnie Bhupathi, Dr. Erin Boyd, Dr. Amber Isley, Dr. Elizabeth Quinn, Dr. Chris Boyle, Dr. Juliet Ugarte Hopkins

2:30PM | Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare: Physician Advisors Role with Case Management

Dr. Colleen Morley

3:00PM | Leadership and Reporting Structure of Utilization and Physician Advisors

Dr. Justin Krawitt

Financial Strategy Track

1:30PM | Advanced Analytics for the Physician Advisor

Dr. David Zirh and Ms. Stephanie Slankard

2:30PM | Creating a Centralized Appeals/Denials Unit

Dr. Ryan McKennon

3:00PM | It’s Not the Plane, It’s the Pilot-Harnessing Relationships Transform Peer-to-Peer

Dr. Beau Bailey and Dr. Kyle Clark

3:30PM | Break / Exhibit Hall Visits

4:00PM | Objection, that Question is Leading! Understanding Query Compliance and Industry Best Practices

Dr. Adriane Martin

4:00PM | Weaving a Physician Advisor “Web” to Becoming an Indispensable Enterprise Asset

Dr. Larry Field

4:00PM | Could Scheduled “Peer To Peer” Discussions Decrease Commercial Readmission Denials?

Dr. Tamara Doehner

4:30PM | "Talk to me Goose" Strategies Every Wingman Should Deploy When Targeting PSIs"?

Ms. Laurie Prescott

4:30PM | No Business Degree? No Problem. Business Skills for the Physician Advisor

Dr. Jeny McNair

4:30PM | Get to Say “YES”

Dr. Alka Farmer

Wednesday, April 19

7:30AM | Breakfast / Networking / Exhibit Hall Visits

8:30AM | Welcome

8:40AM | Convincing Your Hospital that They Need a Recuperative Care Facility

Dr. Christopher Wellins and Dr. Renee Fay-Leblanc

9:35AM | UM for the Tik Tok Generation: Scenarios in Pediatrics for the Non-Pediatricians

Dr. Cheryl Reid

10:30AM | Break / Exhibit Hall Visits

11:00AM | Demonstrating the Value of a Physician Advisor Program

Dr. Timothy Brundage

11:30AM | Quiz Bowl / Expert Panel

Moderator: Ms. Tiffany Ferguson

Panelists: Dr. Bartho Caponi, Dr. Ahmad Kilani, Dr. Anuja Mohla, Dr. Bernie Ravitz

12:30PM | Conference Wrap Up


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