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Board of Directors Opportunity



Reports to:



One year. May be elected to this position for consecutive years.


The Vice President, Member Engagement is responsible for strategic input and leadership of implementation related to member growth and satisfaction. The time commitment is expected to be 5–8 hours per week. Along with other officers and support staff, the Vice President will participate in member communications and input to the Executive Committee on policy and procedure needs. The Vice President will be listed in the contact section of the website along with other key Officers for members support. The Vice President Member Engagement serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

Principal Activities

  • Participates as a member of the Executive Committee of the ACPA Board.
  • Has the skills to implement or oversee the production of professional email communications, website maintenance, advertising plans, social media offerings and other related College communication pathways.
  • Serves as the primary responsible party for the ACPA social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) along with the management company. Utilizes social media on a regular (at least bi-weekly) basis to promote the College and College programs. This includes unique posts, targeted sharing, and interactions with the social media community.
  • Has administrative access to the Club Express ACPA website to perform basic duties. Advanced website maintenance is performed by a professional vendor.
  • Working with the management company, reviews the ACPA website to ensure quality and content, administrative functions and other strategic aspects related to member use of the website.
  • May participate in or lead website improvement efforts, providing ACPA communications/direction to website technical management companies.
  • Will be listed on the ACPA website as a primary contact along with key College leaders and administrative staff.
  • Will review and approve member activities such as surveys, special communications and requests, and provide guidance on member engagement documents, policies and action plans.
  • As requested, may be asked to participate in other activities and initiatives.


  • The nominee must be an active member of ACPA.
  • The nominee must have been in the Physician Advisor role for a minimum of three years. The nominee must also have a minimum of 5 years in active clinical practice prior to transitioning to the Physician Advisor role.
  • Leadership role preferred with management experience. Please provide specifics (e.g. served as chairman of a department, chaired a committee).
  • Nominee is certified in Healthcare Quality Management (CHCQM) or is in the process of attaining it. Other related certifications such as Clinical Documentation Integrity are applicable.
  • Prefer evidence of active participation in ACPA or publications.
  • Ability to travel twice a year for ACPA work (exceptions granted during the current COVID-19 Public Health Emergency).

Exceptions to these guidelines may be made with ACPA Board of Directors approval.



Members of the Board of Directors develop the policies for ACPA and monitor the execution of those policies. The Board determines its present and future direction including long-range planning, governance, financial management and personnel policy. In addition, ACPA expects of all Board members the following:

  • To maintain active ACPA membership;
  • To promote the ACPA mission, vision and objectives;
  • To ensure financial solvency and adhere to fiduciary responsibilities related to ACPA activities;
  • To attend all required board meetings;
  • To serve as a chair of one board committee or participate on a committee or special project, as assigned by the President or President-Elect
  • To complete and submit on a timely basis all reports appropriate to volunteer positions;
  • To sign the Conflict of Interest Statement and uphold its beliefs and values;
  • To participate in any ongoing board development process, including nominations of board leadership and committee chairs as appropriate;
  • To lead/participate in annual planning, budgeting and leadership orientation activities;
  • To support the efforts of the officers and chairs by actions such as 1) reviewing committee recommendations and materials presented to the board; and 2) encouraging member and nonmember participation in ACPA programs;
  • To ensure that all activities are in adherence with ACPA’s bylaws, policies and procedures.

ACPA Mission

To promote and expand the prominent role of the Physician Advisor in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment through education, certification, mentorship, and collaboration.

Corporate Purposes

The Corporation is a nonprofit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person(s). The purposes for which the Corporation is organized are to exclusively engage in business league activities within the meaning of section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code (or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code Section 501(c)(6), with the specific purpose of advocating for quality patient care by providing physician education in clinical documentation improvement, effective hospital resource utilization, and responsible management of health care reimbursement; while establishing and promoting high standards of excellent within the physician advisor profession.